Words from Our Director General

Words From The Director General

For every NAWE Woman out there who has worked hard to sustain the NAWE family since inception, labored through thick and thin whether it was convenient or not. Who wiped their tears and pressed forward even when there were no words of appreciation or gratitude from where you expected. (Leadership)

Who distinguished themselves in their career/space.

Who made a choice to discipline their tongue in order to sustain a great future for NAWE.

Who pitched in at short notice and raised an altar to position NAWE in great places.

Who reached out and helped our common cause.

Who invested in the destiny of many women whom they may never meet (Adorable A’ANGELS & ANGELS).

Who stood as a support for the leadership whom they had given the mandate to lead.

Who defied the odds against them and stood up in support in spite of shortcomings.

Who did not jump ship or abandon NAWE and refused to conform to the ‘norm’ even in the face of being abandoned by many.

Who decided to see the good in NAWE’S future when others were trying to define her by her challenges.

Who fought and are still fighting with all that they have to regain and sustain the glory of NAWE.


Thank you for being AMAZING

Thank you for fighting through the storms of the past 26 years.

Thank you for NOT giving up on NAWE ALL these 26 years.

Thank you for pressing on and staying on board.

Thank you for giving NAWE the chance to keep going all these years.

NAWE celebrates you!!!

Your strength!!!

Your tenacity!!!



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